I want a Camera and DVR

Friday, March 11, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:08 PM

Someone called our store the other day and left a message on our answering machine.  They were calling after viewing product on one of our websites, ReadySpy.com.  In addtion to their name and number, their message said they wanted a camera and dvr.

Well, of course, we carry many forms of a camera and dvr.  When I called them, I found out they were wanting a product that is also referred to as a hidden nanny cam.  Essentially, this is a product like a wall clock or boombox that has a camera built in and some even have a DVR built into it as well.  These devices are placed around a home or business to keep an eye on things without the other people in the property knowing they’re being watched.  They’re quite clever, actually.  And, since they are real fuctioning products like a clock or boombox, you can’t tell they are a camera and dvr, too.

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