Crime and Outdoor Security Cameras

Wednesday, March 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:24 PM

Think like a burglar for just a minute.  I know, you’re too good of a person, right?  Seriously, give it some thought.  You need your fix.  You need some cash.  You need to eat.  Whatever your motivation, in your mind, you need to break into someone’s home and steal stuff.

So, you go walking down the street at night looking for just the right house to burglarize.   You see this one.  It’s got a loud dog.  You see that one.  Lights are on.  You see the one over there.  Its got outdoor security cameras.  You keep walking until you find just the right house to break into.  Of course, you pass the one with the security cameras outside.  You’re a criminal, not an idiot.  These cameras not only get the video footage if someone does decide to break in or vandalize your place.  But, they also help to prevent a burglary altogether.  And, isn’t that really what you want?  You’re the homeowner now.

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