Need a Camera Dummy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:07 PM

Do you need a quick, easy and affordable solution to increase the level of security at your home or place of business?  Then you might just need a camera dummy.

By placing a camera dummy around your property, you’re goal is to fake out a would be criminal into thinking you have a full blown surveillance system at your place.  And, if they think you have a home surveillance system or business system, then they’re more likely to keep moving down the street to someone else.  I hate to say you’re just pushing the trouble off on someone else, but your first goal has to be to keep your family and your property out of harms way.  The would be burglar or vandal sees the fake camera and decides to move on.  They’re much less expensive than a real camera, but they look just like the real thing.  They’re so quick and easy to install as the only wiring is a fake wire that terminates nearby.  These only take minutes to put up.

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