Watch the Nanny with Hidden Cams

Friday, March 4, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:33 PM

Crime is terrible.  Not only property crimes have skyrocketed, but also personal crimes continue to escalate all over the country.  Headlines everywhere are filled with “who’s touching whom” and “who’s beating whom”.  It seems that almost no one is safe.  People in old folks homes are mistreated.  Kids being watched by nannies or babysitters are at risk.  You’d think the neighbor’s 16 year old daughter watching your baby for a couple hours one evening would be no big deal.

Using Hidden Nanny Cams has become an increasingly popular way of defending against these heinious crimes.  People getting hit, beaten, yelled at, fondled and who knows what else is being caught on these hidden cameras.  Video footage is then being turned over to the local law enforcement agencies to prosecute these horrible crimes.  Hopefully, these criminals will get justice and be locked up for a long long time.  Sexual and personal crimes are just flat out:  “horrible”.

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