Setting Up a Nanny Camera

Friday, February 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:42 PM

Assuming you’ve already purchased your nanny camera and are now ready to set it up, here’s a little bit of information that hopefully, you’ll find helpful.

Once you take your nanny camera out of the packaging, you’ll want to give some good thought as to exactly where to place it.  But, before you can really do this, you need to set it up and get a test recording of the general area.  I say this because you’ll need to ensure that the lens setting is not too close and is not too far out.  So, do your test run so you can sort of gauge how close or how far from an exact point you want to position the nanny camera.

Once you’ve done this, review the footage and note the wideness of the view.  Then, place the camera in the exact space you think want it.  Again, do a test recording and ensure that you’re getting exactly the recording you want.  Once you have got it properly positioned, set it and walk away.  After the nanny or potentially cheating spouse leaves, review the footage and find out specifically what took place.

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