Clock with Camera

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:09 PM

See that camera on the wall?  Yeah, that one over there.  Would you believe that its really a spy clock with camera built in?  That’s right….

You never know.  This could be a real conversation.  On the wall where you work or in your friends house, you might be standing in front of a clock with camera built in.  And, the video could be being transmitted wirelessly or the clock could also have a DVR built into it, too.  So, you won’t see any extra wiring or anything.  And, the clock will keep time just like a normal clock.

So, with these hidden nanny cams, you may be being videotaped and not even know it.  These also come built into boomboxes, exit signs and much much more.  There are so many everyday products that have these cameras built in, you truly cannot be certain you aren’t being recorded no matter where you are. …..even in your own home!

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