DVR 16ch

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:02 PM

For anyone looking for a fantastic home surveillance system, the DVR 16Ch model system is one beautiful system.

Not only does it come with a PC based DVR system, which is pretty cool in andof itself, it comes with 16 professional grade security cameras.  The PC Based DVR system which comes with the DVR 16CH is cool because you record the video directly onto your pc.  And, since most pc’s these days have internet connections, the video footage can easily be shared with others, like cops, private investigators and more.

But, in addition to the cool DVR, the cameras that come with the system are professional, high grade security cameras capable of recording great quality images.  The system comes complete with cabling and brackets and everything you need.  If you’re looking into a home surveillance system or for the office, you may want to check this model out.  It is very reliable and very affordable for what all it includes.

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