Hidden Camera Detector

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:21 PM

More people than you think are looking for a hidden camera detector these days.  You ask “what”?

I know, it seems weird that many people would suspect that they’re being watched.  Some fear there are hidden cameras in their workplace and some fear there may be a hidden camera in their home, perhaps in their bedroom or some other place in the home.  But, what really strikes me as odd, initially, but then really starts making sense, is that there are many people who want a portable hidden camera detector.

For what, you ask.  More and more people are fearing that when they go to public restrooms or hotel and motel rooms or college dorms that there could possible be a hidden camera to watch them.  And, you know, with how advanced and affordable technology has gotten, they have a good point.  A camera COULD be hidden almost anywhere and they want to know if its there.

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