Hidden Cameras with DVR

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:11 PM

Some people call them Hidden Nanny Cams, but at their basic level, they’re just Hidden Cameras with DVR built into the unit.

And, regardless of what you call them, hidden cameras with DVR or hidden nanny cams or whatever, they’re pretty cool devices.  I think they’re cool because they’re just so stealth and novel.  In case you’re not familiar with these devices, essentially, the manufacturer takes an everyday item like a wall clock or thermometer.  To this, they add a very small tiny spy camera that gets integrated in such a way that if you’re not looking for it, you certainly won’t see it.  Then, a small dvr gets added to record the video footage the camera gets.

The owner places the unit in its normal spot, say on a wall in a room where they expect some activity, like a cheating spouse or a bad nanny.  Once its turned on, they can walk away knowing they’ll get the footage they need.

Pretty cool stuff!

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