MACE a Bear?

Friday, February 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:50 PM

If you came face to face with a full grown, hungry and angry bear, well, letsjust say any full grown bear, do you think you’d have the nerve to spray Bear MACE onto them?

Well, hopefully, you’ll never have to find out.  However, if you come face to face with a bear, but don’t have any bear mace on hand, not only will you not know the answer to the above question, but you also might just be dead.  Bear encounters and bear attacks continue to increase in frequency each year as mankind continues to encroach upon bears’ native habitat.  What would you expect?

If you live near mountains, woods, rivers, lakes or streams that are known for having any bears in the area, you better be prepared with some bear mace on hand.  If you don’t need it, great.  But, if you do need it an don’t have it, well that hungry bear may not be so hungry real soon.

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