Barracuda BC20

Friday, December 31, 2010
posted by SmartStun 12:56 PM

Yesterday, I wrote briefly about Barracuda Stun Guns.   Today, I’d like to talk specifically about the Barracuda BC20.

The Barracuda BC20 comes with the same 5 year warranty we talked about yesterday.  It is packed with 2 million volts and 4.5 milliamps of stun power to quickly drop any attacker to the ground, leaving them in pain and completely dumbfounded.  The unit has a built in battery and its AC charger is also built in.

Finally, the unit has a “pin disable” feature so that if an attacker wrestles the unit out of the user’s hand, the pin gets pulled and the stun gun will not function.  This feature prevents the attacker from stunning the original user.

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