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Tuesday, October 15, 2013
posted by SmartStun 2:16 PM

Okay, of course, I’m familiar with and I’m familiar with as they are part of our brand of companies.  And, our companies only carry the best in self defense weapons.  For instance, you can look at the lipstick stun gun page on SmartStun and see that we proactively chose to discontinue carrying this item.  Why?  The previous version of the SM-Lipstick, Lipstick Stun Gun was a pretty good little unit and was one of our best sellers.  But, then, StunMaster discontinued that version and replaced it with some ridiculously high voltage model that has no chance of delivering enough amps to stop anyone.  At best, it MIGHT be a party favor to have fun with.

They’re doing the same thing with the Runt, too.  They’re replacing the previous model, which is a fantastic model of stun gun, with some crazy high voltage unit that is sold under other names (same exact product) that has one of the highest defect rate in the industry.  Its a shame.

Now, though, I read that Self Tek Defense is launching and they will provide high quality weapons, not like the little Chinese Party Favors that so many others are beginning to market.   That’s right, Self Tek Defense says they are committed to only the highest quality weapons and theirs are currently being developed.

Stay tuned for more……

-by E Harris

-by SmartStun Stun Guns

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