Stun Guns in America

Thursday, March 28, 2013
posted by SmartStun 6:38 AM

Here is some basic info that I surmised.  This is not a scientific study, simply an estimation based on my personal knowledge:

We sell, on average, approximately 300 stun guns per month.  And, while most stun guns are probably bought online throughout America, many big box retailers, sell stun guns.  I cannot surmise the volume that these big box retailers might be selling throughout the country, but I’m sure its significant.  Back to online sale, though, while we are one of the higher volume retailers online, there are so many, easily hundreds of, if not thousands of, websites selling stun guns that the monthly numbers of units sold online has to be substantial and I’d say realistically, the monthly number would exceed 10,000/month and quite possibly, much higher.  Again, this is only for online sales.

As for Taser Guns, due to the price point of these weapons, we sell far fewer, roughly 10-20 per month.  These items are also sold by big box retailers as well as at local gun shows throughout the country, as well as, directly by Taser International.  Not including the brick and mortar retailers, nor those sold by Taser Int’l, carrying out the same numbers, I’d say, easily the number of Taser brand guns sold monthly by online retailers is well over 2-3000 units per month.  The brand recognition here is quite strong and this number is most likely double or greater than what I’m estimating.  But, also, Taser Int’l is a big online retailer of their products and I’m quite sure their numbers are significant.

My numbers also do not include any units being sold on Amazon or Ebay as I have no way of even guessing at what those volumes could be.

Since these items have been being sold for years, I’m sure there are millions of stun guns and taser guns being carried for protection in America today.

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