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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
posted by SmartStun 7:45 AM

The Barracuda Stun Gun has long been recognized as being the best line of stun guns available.  They currently offer two models, the BC10 and the BC37.  Both are great for providing the best in self defense.

They are both built to the high standards of the maker of Barracuda Stun Gun, Over the Counter Intelligence, which is a US Based Company.  Quality construction is built into each unit.  But, even better than that are the technical specs.  Rated as the best, these models put out 4.5 milliamps of current.  While most makers and sellers of stun guns are focusing on voltage, which is important too, they leave out one important detail:  its the current (or amperage) that actually incapacitates someone.  Voltage merely delivers the current.  And, if voltage is only delivering a little bit of current, it doesn’t matter how much voltage you have in your stun gun.

5 milliamps is considered lethal.  So, any more than this, and someone will most likely die as a result of using a stun gun like that.  But, actually, no one makes a stun gun that delivers that level of current.  So, at 4.5 milliamps, the Barracuda line of Stun Guns is highest amperage line of stun guns available.  They will, more quickly than any other model, stop an attacker.  Check them out today and see why they’re the best!


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