A Taser Gun for My Wife

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
posted by SmartStun 11:23 AM

I took a phone call the other day from someone inquiring about getting a taser gun for their wife.  And, my initial response was to ask if they were considering a C2 or M26 or what.  But, that’s when my senses took over and I knew to ask something like:  have you been looking at anything so far that has caught your attention?

He went on to say, yes, he had.  He was looking at a Stun Master product.  And, that’s when I knew he wasn’t really looking for a Taser Gun for his wife, but rather a stun gun.  TASER Guns are a particular brand of product that actually shoot electrodes out up to 15 feet towards a target.  And, kinda like “Kleenex”, people use that word interchangeably with a host of various, non-Kleenex products.  The same was true here.

The gentleman, did in fact, end up purchasing a nice stun gun from us.  But, as I recall, it was not a Stun Master, as he ended up going with an Omega branded unit.  He wanted something that was visually menacing and the Star Warrior is about as visual as stun guns and stun batons come.


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