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Monday, March 19, 2012
posted by SmartStun 7:42 AM

I regularly get asked which is the best stun gun to buy.  And, since there is so much hype out there as to which is the best, we decided to add a page to our website that gives clear, insightful information as to which stun gun we feel is the best.

Not only does this page discuss the importance of amps and volts and how they apply to self defense, but the page also goes so far as to tell consumers which make and model I believe to be the best choice.  In fact, I even carry one of these models AND I have given one to my father to carry.  That’s how much I believe in them.

The specific models discussed are the Barracuda BC20 and BC30 stun guns.  If you want more information or to buy one, simply click here:  BEST STUN GUN

And, if, after you recieve your order you are as completely happy with the unit as I know you will be, please return to the product page and leave a comment for the next visitor to read so that they’ll know how truly great these weapons are.  When it comes to self defense, it doesn’t make sense to take a chance.


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