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Friday, March 16, 2012
posted by SmartStun 7:42 AM

I’m at my local sporting goods store the other day and I happen across their display of Taser Guns and Stun Guns.  Since I’m in the business, I wanted to see their prices.  Holy Crap they’re high!

A particular model of stun gun we sell on our site for $48, with free shipping, they’re selling for $75.  And, the M26C Taser Gun, which we sell for $430, they’ve got for $500.  I couldn’t believe it!  While it may be somewhat convenient to be able to pull into a parking lot, walk into a store and buy a taser or stun gun, it seems to me that its more convenient to sit at my desk and order one and have it shipped directly to my home.  I don’t pay sales tax and I save a ton in the process.

So, my advice today:  feel free to go out to a sporting goods or gun store and look at some product.  Check it out and see what feels right.  Then, go online and see how much money you’re gonna save by ordering the exact same model online.  You’ll be happy knowing you saved 20% or 30% in the process AND you’ll get the model that you really need or want.


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