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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
posted by SmartStun 7:45 AM

So, you need or want to buy a stun gun, but where do you start?  For many, this is reality.  Likebest stun gun many things that you need to buy, you have to sift through all the hype to find the make and model that is just right for you and your needs.

When it comes to buy stun gun, its no different.  All manufacturers make claims about super high voltages or discrete or hidden stun guns or features like flashlights that make theirs the best.  But, in reality, these things may or may not make a difference for you.  Getting back to the basics, you need to keep in mind you started the search to find a means to protect yourself.  Thus, flashlights and hidden gimmicks aren’t necessarily what you need.  What you need is a protective means that will put an attacker on their butt, allowing you time to get away.  And, as such, what you really need is a combination of high voltage, high amperage and a convenient and comfortable stun gun to carry.

I personally recommend Barracuda Stun Guns for this as they offer the best features for your purchase and they are of the highest quality stun guns available.

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