Barracuda BC37 – Coming Soon

Friday, March 9, 2012
posted by SmartStun 8:51 AM

Okay, Over the Counter Intelligence, Inc. is set to release their latest model of stun gun.  The best selling Barracuda BC30 is being replaced by the BC37.  Basically, its an increase in voltage from 3 million volts to 3.7 million volts.  But, everything else about the stun gun will remain the same.

Eliot Harris, of, applauds Over the Counter Intelligence, Inc on delivering the what consumers want and need, without jeopardizing the quality of their product.  The Barracuda Stun Guns will continue to be of the same quality materials, the best type of rechargeable batteries and the highest amperage of any stun guns on the market.  SmartStun’s relationship with Over the Counter Intelligence, Inc over the past “has been the best.  We feel as if we are partners with them as opposed to just retailers,” said Harris.

The Barracuda BC37 will surely become the new best stun gun seller we have.  As well, the BC12, the original release of the Barracuda line, will finally be retired.  Its a little sad to know that the original product that launched the best stun guns into the market, will be retired.  But, Over the Counter Intelligence, Inc continues to push on with the development of their stun guns.


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