Walking Cane with Stun Gun

Wednesday, November 24, 2010
posted by SmartStun 2:22 PM

I cannot believe the response that we’re getting on ZAP’s walking cane with stun gun.  These things are flying off the shelf.

Zap’s walking cane with stun gun has been drawing so much interest that sales of other products have begun to drop off.  I hope ZAP has stocked up for the Christmas Season.  It supports up to 250lbs so it can be used as a real cane.  And, its loaded with 1 million volts of stun capability and has a built in flashlight.  Great for warding off advancing dogs or anyone else for that matter.  Criminals beware.  If you see someone who seems to be helpless because they’re on a cane, they may just turn and pop you with it.

The unit also has a built in rechargeable battery and comes with an AC Charger and a carrying case for Free.

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