ZAPLE Flashlight Stun Gun

Saturday, July 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:46 PM

PS Products is set to release a new product that is sure to be hit like all of their other products.  PS Products manufactures the ZAPflashlight stun gun line of stun guns and stun products.  Currently, they have a flashlight stun gun with the model of ZAPL.

So, the new model of flashlight stun gun coming out, I’m told, will be the ZAPLE.  The “E” is for EXTREME!  They haven’t told me yet what will make it extreme, but based on ZAP’s other products, I’m sure the ZAPLE will live up to its name.  The base model is a 1 million volt stun flashlight with an ultrabright LED flashlight head and an incredibly durable aluminum casing.  Now, I do know the ZAPLE will be black, but it looks like, from the pictures I’ve seen, its made of the same high quality aluminum casing.  So, I”m assuming the EXTREME is referring to an increase in power.  Bad guys better beware…..ZAP IS ON THE MOVE!

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