Non Lethal Weapons

Saturday, July 16, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:31 PM

non lethal weaponsMany people know they need some form of self defense weapon, but are afraid to carry a handgun, and so they want a form of non lethal weapon to carry.  And, fortunately, there are quite a few weapons for them to consider.

Some of the various non lethal weapons are stun guns (and various stun devices, like canes, batons, flashlights and more), TASER guns, pepper spray and MACE, steel batons and Wicked Laser ultra-intense lasers.  There are a few others, like pepper guns, but the ones I’ve listed are, by far, the most commonly carried weapons.  Before you purchase one of these, though, be sure to give some thought to which type of encounter you want to protect yourself against and what conditions might surround you when you need it.  For instance, I wouldn’t recommend pepper spray if you’re wanting protection while you walk at night along the coastal beaches.  The steady winds will only cause you grief as you attempt to spray your attacker.  This may be an overly simplified example, but it should serve to make the point.


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