Rechargeable Stun Gun

Thursday, July 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:41 PM

Yesterday, I wrote about the virtues of a pink stun gun.  Well, today, I thought I’d pass along some of my thoughts on arechargeable stun gun.  They certainly have their pros and cons, but to me, its a no brainer.

Most people like rechargeable stun guns because you they don’t have to mess with keeping up with batteries.  And, more importantly, if their battery runs out of juice, many times their stun gun sits on the counter for a couple of days until they can make it to the store to get fresh batteries.  If the stun gun is rechargeable, the owners don’t lose their protection for a couple of days.  Equally as important, with rechargeable units, the owners typically keep the battery fairly well charged.  But, with regular replaceable batteries, the battery might be somewhat drained and when the owner goes to use it, it just doesn’t have quite the stun that is needed to drop an attacker.  The drawback, though, is that when the rechargeable battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore, the stun gun is virtually useless.  But, even that can be addressed.  For instance, Barracuda Stun Guns back their units with a warranty that covers even the battery.

So, make your own decision on which is best for you.  But, for me, I’ll take a rechargeable Barracuda any day!

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