The Best Stun Gun?

Thursday, July 7, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:39 PM

Who’s to say what’s the “best”, right?  I mean, its a subjective word, where the meaning varies from person to person. So, I can’t really say that one particular stun gun is the “BEST STUN GUN“.  However, I can point out several brands that are known to be some of the best.

Some of the best stun gun makers would have to include:  Barracuda Stun Guns, ZAP Stun Guns, Omega Stun Guns and Stun Master Stun Guns.  Barracuda makes the list because of their sincere commitment to quality.  They will only put their name on the highest quality products and they back up their products with a 5 Year warranty.  ZAP makes the list, in my opinion, due to the styles and features they offer.  From the Stun Cane to their Flashlight Stun Gun and Stun Baton, they are known as making some of the best and most helpful self defense weapons.  Omega would have to be on the list because they started out in the mid-1980’s and are still around today, as are many of the weapons they put into service over the years.  Finally, Stun Master would have to be on the list because of all their different makes and models and they, too, have been around for quite a while.

So, check out these stun guns and tell us which you think are the best.


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