Stun Gun Knuckles

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:33 PM

If you’re like me and if you carry a self defense weapon, you want to keep your weapon as close to ready as possible, so if you’re confronted, you’ve got easy and quick access to it.  Stun Gun Knuckles are certainly one type of weapon that allow for this easy and quick access.  In fact, many exercise enthusiasts carry these unique stun guns for protection.

The reason that runners, joggers, walkers, and the like carry Stun Gun Knuckles is that because they are highly effective and they are easy to carry.  They fit nicely into a clutched fist.  And, as most people exercise, their hands are clutched.  As such, this stun gun lives in the hands of the users in case they are attacked.  And, they carry a 950,000 volt charge, so they are quite effective at penetrating thick clothing and delivering the stunning amperage required to drop an attacker to the ground.  Do a little research and determine if these weapons are a great fit for you.



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