Tuesday, July 5, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:59 PM

taser m26cIn almost every industry, there is typically a “standard” model that all others in the industry get measured against.  And, in the non lethal weapons industry, many would argue that the standard is the TASER M26C, and with good reason.

First, the TASER M26C, is highly effective.  They are carried by law enforcement officials all across the country and even around the world.  Why?  Because they are proven effective in stopping people.  Second, they are ominous to look at.  Think about it, if you’re an attacker and someone pulls out this handgun looking thing that you know will drop you to the ground, wouldn’t you think twice about continuing on?  Third, even though its got a price tag of about $500, its by far cheaper than most handguns and is even cheaper than its big brother, the TASER X26C.  So, while it still costs quite a bit, its relatively affordable, all things considered.  Check out this model that makes TASER a leader in the police circles and in the self defense weapons circles.


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