OMEGA Star Warrior

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
posted by SmartStun 4:08 PM

omega star warriorIts kinda odd, really.  So many people know the Stun Master brand of stun guns.  They’re a good quality stun gun, for sure.  However, not many people know about Omega Stun Guns , or specifically, the Omega Star Warrior Stun Baton.  Omega is one of the original 2 stun gun makers and began business back in the mid-80’s.  The other company that was around back then has been out of business for decades.

So, here is this self defense weapons company that has been around 25 plus years.  What’s most interesting though, is that their products are the most reliable stun guns on the market.  And, not only that, but the Omega Star Warrior Stun Baton is easily one of the coolest and most intimidating stun guns available.  You show this to an attacker, do a quick test fire and I’d bet money the attacker will haul butt!  No one wants to get hit with this thing.


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