Personal Security Alarms

Thursday, June 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:29 PM

personal security alarmsIf you’re like me, you want your family to be protected whenever you’re not around to take care of them.  My little girl is the pride and joy of my life.  I’d be horrified if something bad happened to  her.  I’ve tried to teach her where not to hang out and the like, but you still never know.  I gave her a personal security alarm the other day and was glad to see her reach for it when she went out later that afternoon.

Personal Security alarms are great because they’re so easy to keep around.  You can have them on your keyring or in your purse or in your car.  They can be bloody loud, too, if you get the right ones.  Many are 120 decibels which is about how loud most car alarms are.  So, that’s loud enough!  But, there are also some that are 130db.  10 decibels is a lot, so the difference here is extreme.  If anyone attacks my little girl, she can hit that alarm and anyone even remotely near here will be alerted.  Hopefully, the creep or creeps will split leaving here alone.


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