MACE Pepper Spray

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:21 PM

For years, people have been carrying defense sprays.  Some are on the end of a keyring and some are larger cans and some are even cans of Bear MACE.  But, in the past few years, makers of defense pepper sprays have been expanding their product lines.  And, whether you’re looking for MACE pepper spray or any other brand of pepper spray, you’re sure to be amazed at what you find.

For instance, google MACE Pepper Spray and you’ll find the traditional key ring dispensers you’d expect to find.  But, you’ll also find a unit that looks like a handgun.  Its easy to use and quite intimidating when you’re looking down the barrel of it.  You’ll find batons.  And, like I said earlier, you’ll even find Bear MACE to protect you against wild animals.  MACE has really done a great job of expanding their lines so that no matter what you might feel most comfortable in carrying, you’re likely to find it.  Leave us a comment about which is your favorite self defense spray product.


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