Stun Gun Knuckles

Thursday, June 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:15 PM

stun gun knucklesAnother highly popular self defense weapon this season is turning out to be Stun Gun Knuckles by ZAP.  First, more and more people are buying self defense weapons just due to the serious increase in crimes across the country.  And, I think, the uptick is due to people becoming more and more familiar with the different types of weapons.

But, specifically, I think Stun Gun Knuckles are becoming so popular because more and more people are getting outdoors to get exercise.  Enough with the gyms already, right?  Well, as people move to parks and such to exercise, they increasingly become the target of a crime.  And, these stun guns, with how they’re shaped like brass knuckles, fit so nicely into a clutched hand that they’re easy to carry when you’re walking or running.  The trigger button is a split second away from activation and you can quickly and easily be protected.  With almost 1 million volts of power, these things are not to be taken lightly either.  A quick pop and someone will be on the ground.


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