Flashlight Stun Gun

Monday, June 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:45 PM

My brother emailed me the other day and wanted to know which stun gun I thought he should get.  There’s no simple answer to a question like this.  Most people want to know which one is the best stun gun and that’s the one they want.  But, I had to phone him back and ask him a few questions.  In the end, a Flashlight Stun Gun is what made the most sense.

I had to ask him questions like “who all would be using it”, “when and where would he expect to be using it” and “why did he feel he needed one”, you know what was he trying to protect against.  As it turns out, it was actually for his daughter who lives in San Francisco.  He wanted her to have a stun gun for protection while she walked her little dog at night.  So, a flashlight stun gun made sense for her because she could carry it to light her way through the local part that was only dimly lit.  And, if someone should approach her, she’d already have the stun gun in her hand and ready for use.  So, again, there is no single answer to which stun gun someone should buy.  The overall picture really has to be looked at.


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