Barracuda BC20

Monday, June 20, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:33 PM

barracuda bc20Want a self defense weapon that’s powerful enough to drop someone to the ground in just a couple of seconds, but that you don’t have to worry about killing them?  Want one of the most recognized names in self defense in your hand?  Well, the Barracuda BC20 may just be what you want.

The Barracuda BC20 is a 2 million volt stun gun.  And, while 2 million volts of stun power is important, as the voltage is what penetrates through thick clothing to deliver the stun, its actually the amperage that enters the muscles and causes them to freak out.  And, the amperage on the BC20 is 4.5 milliamps.  May or may not sound like much to you, but most stun guns operate with about 3 milliamps.  So, the Barracuda stun guns deliver 50% more than most other stun guns.  And, again, its the amperage that does the real work.  So, this is a big deal.  Backed with a 5 year warranty that covers the built in battery, as well as the stun gun, and you’re protected for years!


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