Pen Stun Gun

Friday, June 17, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:56 PM

A number of people I have come in contact with are looking for a pen stun gun.  However, what’s unfortunate, is that these people are thinking there is such a thing.  Really, what they’re looking for is called a stun pen.  But, neither of these things are what people are typically looking for.  Most people think this item is something that looks just like a writing pen, but has the ability to stun someone.

A Stun Pen, though, is actually a stun gun that is long and cylindrical, like a pen, but much fatter than a pen.  And, they don’t really look like a writing pen.  For instance, the Stun Master Stun Pen is about an inch in diameter.  Its got to be this big in order to hold a battery of sufficient size to provide an electrical charge great enough to drop an attacker to the ground.  The ZapStick from PS Products is also generally considered to be stun pen as they’re similarly sized.  Regardless of the fact that these items don’t look like a writing pen, they’re still considered a mini stun gun and can be stored in a shirt pocket or purse for convenience.


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