Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun

Saturday, June 18, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:38 PM

The last couple of days, I wrote about the Phazzer Stun Gun line-up.  Today, I thought I’d write about specifically, the Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun.  Unlike the Enforcer and the Dragon, the Scorpion is a direct contact stun gun, as opposed to a projectile type.  As such, it competes with many of the Stun Master Stun Guns, as well as other brands, too.

The Phazzer Scorpion Stun Gun is available in two colors:   Black or Pink.  And, my wife actually carries the Scorpion Pink Stun Gun.  Its a 3 Million Volt direct contact stun gun, capable of dropping an attacker to the ground in seconds.  But, it also has an ultra bright LED flashlight built in for lighting the way at night.  And, its also got a personal alarm built in so that if she wants to set it off, she can draw attention to her, even before making physical contact with an attacker.  The Scorpion also has a built in battery and charger so we never have to mess with finding batteries.  The disable pin is also included so that if someone tries to rip the stun gun from her hand, the pin gets pulled out and the weapon is rendered useless.

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