Phazzer Enforcer Stun Gun

Friday, June 17, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:33 PM

phazzer enforcer stun gunYesterday, I wrote about the quality and effectiveness of the Dragon by Phazzer.  Today, I thought I should write about the Phazzer Enforcer Stun Gun.  Like the Dragon, the Enforcer was designed to compete head to head with a TASER Gun, specifically the TASER MC26C.

Both, the M26C and the Phazzer Enforcer Stun Gun shoot projectiles up to 15′ to hit your attacker and drop them to the ground.  But, the Enforcer has an incredibly bright LED light built in that is SO bright, merely shining into the eyes of an attacker or mugger can disorient them and cause temporary blindness.  Then, of course, you still have the ability to stun them with the shocking of the gun.  And, like the Dragon, the Enforcer can be used as a direct contact stun gun, too, should the electrodes not hit your target.  The Enforcer is also a little smaller than the bulky M26C.  And, finally, Phazzer says the way they manufacture their dart cartridges allows for cleaner unwinding of the electrode wires, which allows for a higher number of hits than the TASER cartridges.


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