Tuesday, June 14, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:46 PM

How would you like to walk around with a weapon on your belt that says a lot to potential attackers about how they better not messtaser m26c with you?  The TASER M26C stands out so much that any would be attacker would be an idiot to pursue and attack or mugging with you.  The TASER Gun is so visible and is so respected that most people just “ooooh” and “aaaaah” when they see them.

The TASER M26C is larger and more visible than the TASER C2 and its even larger than the TASER X26C.  Its a hand gun shaped stun device that shoots projectiles up to 15 feet into its target and the projectiles are electrodes which carry the current that drops the attacker to the ground.  And, knowing you have the reliability of TASER in your hands in case you’re attacked, I think its best that you have a weapon that is so well known and visible that it usually prevents attacks because no one wants to mess with someone who has one of these on their belt.  Now, that’s a good weapon, to me.


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