They had a TASER Gun

Monday, June 13, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:33 PM

The headline read “Snooping Man Captured by Police”, but that only tells a part of the story.  It seems police were called to a local residence because of someone snooping around the property looking suspicious.

When Police arrived, they found the man in the back yard peeking in windows and snooping just as reported.  When Police approached the man, he took off running.  A pursuit ensued, but it didn’t last long.  As soon as the Police got close, they yelled Stop or I will use my TASER Gun”.  The man stopped instantly.  Later when his brother came by the scene before the suspect was taken away, the brother asked him why he didn’t get away.  He said, “because they had a TASER Gun“.  Now, how’s that for respect of a weapon?  Even criminals are beginning to respect stun devices even more than traditional handguns.  I think that says  a heck of a lot about how effective these non lethal weapons can be.  The Police never even had to fire the gun.



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