Omega Star Warrior

Friday, June 10, 2011
posted by SmartStun 3:18 PM

omega star warriorIf you want one of the most incredible and highest quality stun gun weapons available, you might should check out the Omega Star Warrior Stun Baton.  In these days of ultra high voltages being pushed by stun gun manufacturers, its refreshing to see one of the originals still being produced as they know what truly makes the difference in stopping attacks and bad people.

That’s right, the Omega Star Warrior stun baton is made by one of the original 2 stun gun makers in the United States.  Omega originally started in the mid-80’s and they’re still around today.  The other company is long gone.  Why is Omega still around?  Quality.  Their products consistently outlast any other maker of stun guns.  And, the Star Warrior, even though it’s only 150,000 volts, is one of the best at stopping criminals.  It’s amperage is such that it can deliver the stopping power you need.  Not to mention, the Star Warrior looks incredible.  While the overall unit is 18″ long, the electrified portion of the shaft is 12″.  That’s right, 12″ of visual deterrent flashing in front of someone’s eyes.  Its truly incredible.


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