A Stun Pen

Thursday, June 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:29 PM

stun penWhat’s the answer to this question:  What could you easily put into your pocket, carry it with you, and use it if you are confronted by an attacker to temporarily drop them to their knees, allowing you time to get away?  While there are several possible answers, a stun pen, might just be your answer.

A stun pen is not really a stun gun that looks like a writing pen.  Instead, its  a stun gun that is typically long and round, but is somewhat bigger than an average writing pen.  Stun Master makes one and the ZAP Sticks, made by PS Products are also considered stun pens.  Regardless, they’re small enough to carry in a shirt pocket or purse, but powerful enough to drop a grown man to his knees after just a couple of seconds of the powerful stun penetrating into their muscles.  These are highly sought after units as they’re small enough to be convenient, but large enough to deliver the necessary stopping power when you need it.


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