Barracuda BC20

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:20 PM

barracuda bc20Most people, when they go to buy something, want to get the best they can get.  Makes perfect sense.  However, sometimes, the best value can be a little less than the top of the line of a product.  Take, for example, the Barracuda BC20 Stun Gun.

The Barracuda BC20 may just be the best value in the line of Barracuda stun guns.  It has 2 million volts of stun capacity, which is considered very high. But, just like its bigger the brother, the BC30, it has a built in, rechargeable battery and the AC charger is also built in. It also has the same 5 year warranty.  And, most importantly, it delivers the incredibly high amperage that the higher powered BC30 has.  The only technological difference is the difference in voltage:  2 million volts -vs- 3 million volts.  So, basically, you get the same stun gun for several dollars less.  Again, the best value may just be the Barracuda BC20.  Check them out today and decide for yourself.


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