Barracuda BC30

Thursday, June 9, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:08 PM

barracuda bc30If you want to know what someone thinks is the best of a particular item, simply take a look at what brand or model that person is using.  Its the same with stun guns.  So, if you look at the stun gun I carry the most often, you’ll see its the Barracuda BC30.  Oh, sure, I have a few different units, but this one is my personal choice.

I even bought the Barracuda BC30 for my father.  So, again, I say, take a look at what I’m buying and that should indicate which particular self defense weapon I believe in most.  The Barracuda Stun Guns pack the highest amperage of any stun gun available.  Many people look solely at the voltage. And, this is an important factor as high voltage will help penetrate thick clothing and such.  But, its the amperage, that, when zapped into the muscles, cause those muscles to fatigue and spasm.  And, that is what drops the target to the ground, allowing you time to get away.  Now, this is just one reason why I like Barracudas, but an important one none the less.


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