Best Stun Guns

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
posted by SmartStun 1:01 PM

With crime soaring all around the country and the recent outbreak of violent protests along the East Coast, many people are taking up arms for self defense.  And, as such, stun guns are increasingly becoming the weapon of choice.  But, as people who aren’t overly familiar with these self defense weapons begin seeking which model to purchase, they want to know which are the best stun guns to buy.

Unfortunately, the answer to which are the best stun guns is not clear cut.  I mean, what might be the best for you, perhaps a stun baton, might not be the best for me.  So, I prefer just helping people determine which type of stun gun is best, then helping them determine the best brand available.  So, for instance, if someone wanted a traditional, direct contact, no frills stun gun, Barracuda Stun Guns would be on the list for them to choose from.  But, if its determined that someone should have a stun baton, then the ZAP Stun Baton, along with the Omega Stun Batons would certainly be a choice.  So, take your time and you’ll be sure to find the best for you.


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