Taser Phone

Monday, June 6, 2011
posted by SmartStun 11:30 AM

The article headline read:  “Lady Stops Criminal with Phone”.  But, what wasn’t said in the article was that it was a TASER Phone.  She lived to see another day with the help of her stun gun.

Long story short, a lady in the Midwest was pumping gas late one night when she was approached by what she thought was a homeless beggar wanting money.  After a few words were exchanged, he lunged at her.  She, however, was armed with her TASER Phone which she quickly pulled out and jammed it against his neck and fired it.  After a few seconds, he dropped to the ground and she ran inside where the staff called police.  While I’m glad to hear how she handled things, she’s lucky the spark from the stun gun didn’t ignite the gas fumes.  I have no idea if she was still pumping gas or if the tank was even still open.  But, again, these are things that have to be considered.


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