Need a Dorm Safe?

Thursday, June 2, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:52 PM

dorm safeBefore you can answer that, you might just need to know what a dorm safe is?  Most people know them as diversion safes or hidden can safe.  But, since they get used quite often in dorm rooms to keep the owner’s valuables safe, they’re commonly given the name of dorm safe.

These things are pretty cool.  The maker has secured the rights from various brands to make a hollow can (or whatever) that is weighted to feel as if its full.  But, there’s room in it to store valuables like jewelry, bills, coins and more.  So, the owner takes the items and “hides” it in plain sight.  What I mean is that if its a can of 7-UP, it gets placed in the pantry.  If its a can of Aquanet Hair Spray, it gets placed in the bathroom. A burglar who’s hopped up on adrenaline is not going to think the can that feels full isn’t really  what it appears to be.  So, now you can keep your valuables safe, regardless of whether you’re in a dorm or in an apartment or a regular house.  We have 3 different models in our house.


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