TASER M26C The Best?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:28 PM

taser m26cMany people are always looking for the best taser gun.  And, many of those same people wonder if the TASER M26C should be considered the best. Of course, the answer is subjective, so you really have to decide for yourself.  But, I think its a great question to consider.

The TASER M26C is not the most expensive taser gun on the market.  So, as long as its as effective as the other guns, then it might just be considered the best.  And, since it is generally considered just as good all the other models taser offers, then perhaps it is the best.  But, don’t just get stuck on this one model.  Phazzer also offers the Phazzer Enforcer which is very very similar to the M26C.  Of course, the Phazzer folks consider their weapon to be better than the M26C.  Big surprise there, right?  Anyway, two things that definitely set the Phazzer apart is that the LED light that is on the Enforcer is so bloody bright it can literally disorient an attacker before discharging the weapon.  And, the Phazzer model uses the cartridges from Phazzer, which are generally considered a better wound cartridge, allowing for greater effectiveness.  Also, Phazzer offers pepper ball and paint cartridges.  So, you decide which is the best taser gun.

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