Security Cameras for the Dummy?

Monday, May 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:48 PM

Nope.  They aren’t security cameras for the dummy.  They are, however, dummy security cameras.  These may well prove to be the best buy in the home surveillance equipment market.  Here’s why….

Dummy Security cameras are a great investment because they typically work by “telling” a would be burglar that your home or office is protected by a security camera system.  So, hopefully, the burglar or vandal just moves on down the road.  But, you as a buyer, don’t have to buy or install a real security camera system that can cost hundreds if not thousands.  Simply buy a few dummy security cameras and place them around your property in conspicuous places.  They are inexpensive to buy because they don’t have real camera equipment inside them and they don’t require expensive cabling and monitoring equipment.  They can typically be installed in minutes as you only have to drive a few screws.  The best part of them is that they’re made by the same makers of real security cameras.  So, they look 100% genuine.



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