TASERS for Sale

Monday, May 30, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:10 PM

Since crime has continued to skyrocket and the economy stays in a horrible state, it seems that every Tom Dick and Harry are cleaning their closet to generate some extra cash and to take advantage of some unsuspecting fool.  That’s why you’re seeing a lot of ads for Tasers for sale on craigslist and local newspapers.

But, buyer beware of tasers for sale.  And, here’s why:  You’re trusting your life and the safety of your loved ones to whatever weapon you carry to protect yourself with.  How comfortable should you be not knowing the real condition of the electronics inside that weapon?  You have no idea how effective it will be when you need it.  Sure, it may appear to fire up and do what its supposed to.  But, you don’t really know if you’re face to face with an attacker if your taser gun will shoot effectively and drop the target to the ground.  Its not worth trying to save a few bucks to put your life on the line unnecessarily.


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