Cell Phone Stun Guns

Saturday, May 28, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:46 PM

cell phone stun gunsStun guns are continuing to increase in prevalence.  More and more people are feeling comfortable with them.  And, along with that, manufacturers are increasing the makes and models available of these non lethal weapons.  While some people like to display their stun gun while they’re out and about as a means to fend off an attack before it begins, many people prefer a discrete stun gun.

Cell phone stun guns are increasingly popular.  Because, as opposed to other discrete stun guns like a stun pen, the cell phone stun gun appears to be an actual item.  So, people don’t give it another thought.  Many of these models, like the Pretender, pack in a huge 4.5 million volts.  And, they’re available in black or pink, so this particular model is quite popular.  But, regardless of whether you want a discrete unit or a very visible model, now that you’re sure to find a very good weapon with just a minimal of searching.


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