TASER For Sale

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
posted by SmartStun 12:25 PM

taser for saleWith how bad crime has gotten and with the fact that it continues to increase at an alarming rate all across our nation, people are looking for ways to protect themselves without having to pack a gun on their hip.  Its really kinda frightening to think that people can’t even go to the mall or grocery store without having to worry about having their purse snatched, being raped, mugged or who knows what.

I saw an ad on craigslist last week where someone had a TASER for sale.  I contacted them within the first hour that the ad was up.  The person selling responded by saying he had already had more than a dozen of people respond that they’d take his taser for sale.  This is wild because, while we don’t live way out in the country, we certainly don’t live in a large metropolitan area.  This just goes to show that even people in small and midsized towns across our country are worried for their own safety.


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