Monday, May 23, 2011
posted by SmartStun 2:13 PM

Whether you call it a TAZER Gun or TASER, it doesn’t really matter.  We know what you’re talking about.  I know I shouldn’t care,tazer gun but for some reason I just find it interesting that people contact me wanting information about a TAZER Gun. I’m certainly no genius and misspell plenty of words, I know.

So, just know that when we’re talking about a tazer gun, we may be talking about the TASER brand of products or we could be talking about stun guns in generally.  This is where the confusion comes in.  Many people use the word TASER generically to mean stun guns.  So, if someone wants to talk about a tazer, you have to clarify what it is exactly they’re talking about.  And, to further confuse the situation, Phazzer offers their line of stun guns, some of which perform like TASER brand products by shooting electrodes and some perform like traditional stun guns requiring direct contact between the weapon and the target.  So, again, just be sure to clarify really what’s being discussed before getting too deep into the conversation.


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